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Tree Trunk Texture

Who are we?

Spectral light transmission through the canopy

Trunk growth over time

Sap flow and Stem humidity

Trunk movement (useful for known unstable trees)

At the heart of IoTree is to measure and record data about trees, and the wildlife associated with it. Using our tree mounted sensors in tandem with a LoRaWAN network, or by using one of our 4G enabled sensors, you can measure key metrics about a particular tree.


Depending on the application we can assess:

We can also assess the local environmental factors around that tree over time. Both the environment has effects on the tree, such as weather stunting a trees growth, as well as the tree having effects on it's surroundings, such as effecting local temperature and humidity through shade and water retention.

We can also provide methods to measure local biodiversity indicators. Requirements are very different for varied environments so get in touch for a custom sensor design. Looking at;

Air Temperature and Humidity

Barometric Air Pressure

VOC, Nox including carbon monoxide

Index for Air Quality

Noise Level

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IoTree is managed by Smith Robotics Ltd, this product came from an Innovate UK grant, and continued to grow and develop into what our clients and customers wanted. 

Smith Robotics is a husband and wife team, who run a freelancing electronics manufacturing company. 

Within Harwell Innovation Centre, Smith Robotics was able to have a secure location, network and create products within their own office. 

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Ryan Smith


Electronic Engineer

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Project Manager

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